When life gave me lemons, I made this blog


Actually, I cried first.

A lot.

Then I had some therapy. Then I moved into a half finished house… again… and tried to turn it into a home. Then I did Konmari. Then I had another baby. Then there was a court case. Then I quit alcohol. Then I got some chickens. And THEN I made this blog.

I needed a space to explore my other interests beyond being an artist and being a mum. To figure out who Lianne was again. To find a way being married to a property developer who was pushing every damn button in my body by buying this craphole…

august 2014 224.JPG

…And expecting it to magically transform into a family home despite it being too small, over grown with 10ft brambles and infested with wasps. And the kitchen was falling down. And the roof had caved in. And I didn’t even see it before he got the keys (Yes… he really did that).

You can feel sorry for me but you shouldn’t. I’ve willingly lived this life for well over a decade now.

On the plus side we live in the Garden of England: wonderful Kent, and I still have the full control of my bladder despite having 3 wonderful children. So I have that going for me.


I am in my mid 30s, a film graduate and I’ve recently quit alcohol AND caffeine so the whole Lemonade thing is very apt.

When I’ve got five minutes to myself I’m normally found picking up other people’s stuff, toddler wrangling and food shopping. Which is why I decided to put my foot down so I could go do some actual work- which for me, is art. I’ve been a professional artist and illustrator for nearly 10 years now but my impostor syndrome would like to point out to you all that I still haven’t found the time (see: energy) to build that career into a regular income yet. Saying that though my children are also under 10… coincidence? I’ll let you decide.

This website is about Overcoming and Becoming.

Overcoming life’s hurdles and challenges with grace, hope and creativity.

Becoming a better, happier, more fulfilled woman.

A makeover blog at it’s bare roots but a sort of lifestyle/home/organisation/goal setting/crafting/mental health type of thing with chickens and children running around.

Initially I wanted to keep this experience private, (because, how self indulgent and cringy right?), but the more I tried the more I realised how much I wanted to share what I’ve been learning because if anyone out there is going through the same shit storm that I’ve been through… well I would have killed for a resource, another human being, who ‘got it’. Or I could at least wail to about how unfair everything is.

So I have a ‘take what you need’ policy. See it on my site… if it works for you… use it. Take it. Run with it. No questions asked. I only ask you don’t use my content/images without my permission. At the very least tag me.

Everything you see here is authentic, honest and tried and tested by me. You can read more about that HERE.

Some not particularly interesting facts:

  • The yellow used on this website is #faff00

  • I deliberately booked my driving test for Friday 13th… and passed

  • I am so pale I was once Cate Blanchett’s stand in for test shooting when she was filming Elizabeth: The Golden Age

  • I can’t smell between the hours of 7pm and 7am

  • I’ve never been able to touch my toes. Ever

  • I’m related to Johnnie Walker (of whiskey fame) and a pirate!